Pre-Historic Cave Paintings

Our modern society has the benefit of various inventions and the experiences of so many generations, we’re brought up with a vast deal of knowledge. If we didn’t have this background I imagine our minds would be akin to those of these cave artists. Our intellectual potential and capabilities are there. Just not fully tapped into. That’s how I picture people of the past.

They’re often portrayed as less resourceful but it’s not the people who were primitive, it was their technology. We can see that humans were as curious and observant towards their surroundings, as we are now. The simple lines and curves dynamically bring life to each animal on the cave walls.  There’s often an extra dimension, the surface contours of the cave were used to enhance the muscles helping mold the shapes of the bulls, bison, and horses.

Maybe it was the curves of the wall that inspired them to paint that particular animal? That would mean creative vision. The earthy-toned hues of the mineral pigments (mainly brown, black, yellow, and red) create an effect as though they’re naturally part of the cave. Some of the strokes are so fluid they almost look like fissures in the rock. Although we can only guess at the purpose of the animals being painted on the walls, it’s clear the society had a strong respect for them and saw their beauty.


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